Mathematics e-Resources

*On this page, the UNIMED Library collects resources in Mathematics and other related disciplines.

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Online Resources

Khan Academy: Open Education platform for everyone on every subject.

MathsPlanet: an online resource for studying mathematics for free. dedicated to providing revolutionary ways for students, parents, teachers, and everyone to learn math. provides mathematical tables for elementary through college level mathematics. It is designed for quick look-up of math terms and formulas when only brief table information is needed .

University of Cambridge Millennium Mathematics Project: a compilation of online Mathematics resources.

Online Reference Tools

Eric Wolfram MathsWorld: a comprehensive and animated Internet encyclopedia of mathematics that is continuously updated.

Plus Magazine: an internet magazine which aims to introduce readers to the beauty and the practical applications of mathematics.

MathSciNet: produced by AMS (American Mathematical Society) and is the authoritative gateway to the scholarly literature of mathematics.

Current Index to Statistics: is a bibliographic index to publications in statistics, probability, and related fields, covering publications from 1975 onwards. It is produced by the American Statistical Association and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics.

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