Physiology e-Resources

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Physiology Videos

Professor Fink’s Physiology Lectures

Online Physiology Video Lectures

UC-San Diego School of Medicine’s Lectures in Respiratory Physiology

Human Physiology Lab – from the University of Central Florida College of Medicine: provides short videos on the systems of the body as well as general functions

Other Resources

Physiology Study Stack – online flashcards to help study the physiology of the different systems.

Anatomy and Physiology Resources from ApChute

Physiology Associations

The American Physiological Society – this is a non-profit organization dealing with education, scientific research, and dissemination of information in the physiological sciences. It also contains links to journals it publishes, science policy statements, and information on physiological careers.

African Association of Physiological Sciences (AAPS)

Human Anatomy & Physiology Society this organization promotes excellence in teaching anatomy and physiology. It contains teaching resources, a link to the journal The HAPS Educator, and information on educational opportunities in anatomy and physiology.

The Physiological Society – this site has links to several physiology journals it publishes, proceeding abstracts, scientific meetings, and educational opportunities.

Clinical Exercise Physiology Association this organization, affiliated with the American College of Sports Medicine, promotes the profession of clinical exercise physiology with links to career resources, continuing education webinars, and information on student internships.

American Society of Exercise Physiologists – this organization promotes the study, practice, research, and development of exercise physiology as a profession. Information on the site includes requirements for board certification, a link to their journal (JEPonline) and their newsletter, as well as career and networking opportunities.

Society of General Physiologist an international organization to promote and disseminate knowledge concerning general physiology.  The organization sponsors symposiums, the Journal of General Physiology, and research in physiology.

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